is there a password generator for pornsites ??

a lots of people ask me regulary, if there are password generators for pornsites. ill cann assure you

THERE ARE NO PASSWORD GENERATORS. If you download them you mostly be in danger to infect your box with some nasty viruses so do not download password generators.

passwords are randomly generated or typed in by humans, there is no algorythm who could determinate whats in a horny guys mind when typing his password. of course he could try to predict it, but that wont work to well . if that starts happen, we are in the cyborg age. but lets hope, that computers will not perfectly be able to determinate whats in your mind, and so youll have to search for passes that have been stolen, leaked.

like here on this site, all passwords are leaked or have been donated by users who were not using the site anymore but paid before